Innovation Management

A startup mindset for established companies

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Innovation, in an established company, doesn’t play by the same rules as other projects.

You go against long-standing procedures. You can’t measure success with dollars and market share, but with user engagement. You try new things, find different clients, explore new business models

Real innovation, not incremental improvements, is managed somewhat like a little startup embedded in your company. Some of the methods that work for startups, starting with “lean startup”, can also work for your established company. That’s where our entrepreneurial expertise comes into play.

Here are a few topics we can work on together to make innovation more than a buzz word for your company.

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We faciltate workshops with you based on a constrained brainstorm technique. To get the most out of your ideas.

Slicing Pie

Design thinking

Empathise, define the problem, ideate, prototype, test. Co-constreuct your product or service with your customer.



Don’t get complacent with vanity metrics. Learn what to measure.

Innovation accounting

Innovation accounting

Build – Measure – Learn. Define and test your hypothesis.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Who is your customer and what are their jobs, pains & gains?

Innovation accounting

Business Model Innovation

Clearly describe your customer relationships, your partners, activities and your revenue and cost structures…

Customer Discovery

Customer Discovery

Get out of the building. Go talk to people. Really understand what makes them tick.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Learn to use external ideas and paths to market, not only your home-grown solutions.



Minimum Viable Product. Learn as you build. Fail cheap.



Not getting the interest you expected. What can you change in your product or business model?

Solution / Problem Fit

Solution / Problem Fit

You need to learn if there is a real problem and if you can solve it.

Company culture

Innovation culture

Innovation comes from the top and requires a cultural shift. Innovators are not rewarded in the same way.

Test mindset

Test mindset

Probably the most important characteristic for an entrepreneur. Be data driven. Always be testing.

Customer Validation

Customer Validation

Do you really know who your customer is? Test, you might be surprised.


Management innovation

It’s not only about products and services. Your managers need to create the conditions to foster innovation.


Pitch coaching

Going against the company’s way of doing things reqiuires persuasion. Learn how to present your ideas to your boss.


Ideation Workshops

Leave aside ongoing improvements to your products, services, delivery channels, business models, marketing and support. What is lurking out there beyond the logical next steps? Which new customers, new needs, new channels, new business models?

We work with a group of people ready and trusted to take risks and open to disruption.

We avoid group-think, last-is-best, loudest-is-best and HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion). We make it easy for every last one of you to express his or her ideas.

We challenge, we grade, we scope, we prioritise.

We use post-it notes.

5-day sprint

5-day sprint

Google Ventures, to help their startups, has perfected a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

We can apply this method with you and accelerate your learning by validating – or invalidating – one of your hypothesis in the field.

5-day sprint

Pitch Training

Even if your boss is the one that initiated the innovation process, it stays out of her comfort zone.

Learn how to communicate your project clearly, with conviction and poise. Just as importantly, learn how to listen to your audience, manage their questions and reassure them.

You have to earn the right to continue to make them uncomfortable.


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